About da Upper Yoopers' Barbershop+ Chorus

Who are we?

We are a 501(c)(3) organization and Chapter #I069 of the Pioneer District(PIO) of the The Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of BarberShop Quartet Singing in America(SPEBSQSA), also known since 2004 as the Barbershop Harmony Society(BHS). In 1938, SPEBSQSA was exclusively white and male. In 1969, they dropped the race exclusion. In 2015, BHS dropped the gender exclusion. After causing a stir in PIO, we chartered as PIO’s first all-gender chapter in 2015.


We increase harmony in communities.


We fund local schools’ singing students.


We become a visible, viable, vigorous, vivacious, vibrant, vocal, virtuosic, vital community asset in Marquette County and beyond.

Who is the Music Director?

Pete Stephens-Brown and Lori have been married for 40 years. His BA is in Music Education, and he has taught Music in New York and Michigan schools for years. Finding no similar opportunities when they moved back to the U.P. in 2007, he found a steady job with MarqTran. The UYBC is the third Barbershop Chorus he has directed; his first was Lansing, MI in 1984-‘86, his second was Escanaba, MI, from ’89-‘95.

What do we do?

After we learn them to a high degree of artistry together, we perform primarily secular, 4-part, a cappella, close harmony songs as often as, and for as many audiences as possible.

Is there a cost?

Generally, PIO dues are $15-30/year, BHS dues are $90-180/year, and proposed UYBC dues are $5/month. $1/month of UYBC dues is an angel fund for members who need $ help.

What are your expectations?

Arrive early for rehearsals, knowing the music for that rehearsal by practicing your part on your own, with sheet music and/or learning tracks on our website. Find more people that deserve the gift of Barbershop. Help us achieve our Mission//Purpose/Vision statements. Become the many hands that make light work and more fun.

What do I do next?

Fill out the entry form so you get access to the members-only portion of upperyoopers.org and start learning music for next week and the rest of your happier, busier life. Schedule your voice assessment so you can be placed into a voice part. Plan to attend conventions and concerts around the U.P., Michigan, and the world. Tell your friends and family about your new group. Personally invite them all.

What a prospective member may expect from us:

Improving leadership in all areas.

Fun, camaraderie, challenge.

Frequent connection to communities.

The opportunity to put your note learning at home to good coordination in the ensemble.

Opportunities to bring smiles/reach hearts/change lives with our combined efforts.

What we expect from a prospective member:

>70% attendance.

Commitment to the group’s growth: numerically, musically, organizationally, financially.

You practice note learning on your own/with our website’s learning tracks before each rehearsal.

Purchase/keep uniform updated/clean.

Keep your dues paid.

General annual schedule(re-establishing in 2024)

January/February ♪Prepare tunes/sell Valentine’s Day Serenades.  Attend Mid-Winter Convention. Get local sponsors for SpringFlingSing*.

March/April    ♪Put finishing touches on our Show & Convention songs. Attend PIO Spring Convention. Attend Northland Chorus Show in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada.

May ♪SpringFlingSing Show and Afterglow.  Guest night.  Prepare summer songs.

June/July/August ♪Prepare for singouts/July 4th parades/Fairgrounds/picnics. Attend? International Convention and Harmony University. Participate in Highway Cleanup 3x.

September/October ♪Elect new officers. Prepare holiday and Convention songs. Attend PIO Fall Convention. Attend Remnants’ Harvest of Harmony in Escanaba.

November/December ♪Spread holidays’ cheer in song. Start finding sponsors for SFS*.


upperyoopers.org   facebook.com/upperyoopers  barbershop.org  sweetadelines.com     www.harmonyinc.org/  pioneerdistrict.org  barbershoptags.com  dnstags.com https://www.youtube.com/user/BarbershopHarmony38  https://www.youtube.com/user/HarmonyInc59  http://barberscore.com  northlandchorus.com