Detroit Sound Machine

Detroit Sound Machine
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Posted By: Marlina Martínez
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Date Posted: Fri, Apr 27 2018

Detroit Sound Machine was founded in 2013 and has been in their current configuration since 2016. After working steadily to develop their sound and competing successfully in the Pioneer District for several years, DSM has quickly established themselves as a fan favorite in Michigan and has been invited to share their sound at events and venues across the country.

The group Lead is Dylan Broome, a talented vocalist with professional training in musical theatre and performance.

Tenor David Ebersole is an accomplished composer and our very own in-house musical arranger whose parents are also musicians.

Baritone, George Jackson Jr is the newest Barbershop singing convert, having been introduced to the style by his son Trey 6 years ago

Our bass, Jason Hall, is a Jazz aficionado with classical training and has over 15 years of Barbershop singing under his belt.

Together, Detroit Sound Machine has a over 30 years of combined experience in a capella music, primarily in the Barbershop style.

“Detroit Sound Machine’s mission is to act as ambassadors of song, generally, but not limited to, a cappella music in the barbershop style. As ambassadors, our goal is to honor and represent our Barbershop roots, heritage and traditions, as well as to incorporate new music into the Barbershop style and delve into other a cappella styles as well. 

As ambassadors, we want to expose the public to a cappella and barbershop music by competing and outreach to schools, churches, and local communities, and in doing so challenge the stereotypes of Barbershop Quartets”